New York Breeding Partnership

New York Breeding Partnership

To be bred in New York

  • Mare to be acquired from Breeding stock Sale
  • Mare to stand in New York
  • Foals to be Registered New York-breds
  • Plan is to breed to sell with ultimate goal of positive ROI
  • Partnership limited to five 20% shares at $5,000 each (5 x $5,000 = $25,000 target purchase price of mare)
  • Payment needs to be in hand BEFORE horse can be acquired
  • Expenses estimated $300 to $600 per month per 20% share plus annual stud fee for each mating (partner pays his share of ACTUAL expenses)
  • Partner will receive his ACTUAL share of proceeds received from sale of all foals (and mare if the mare is sold), and breeder awards if/when the foal races
  • Initial partner investment will be held on account until partnership is filled with five partners
  • Initial partner investment will be returned 100% in full if partnership can not be filled with five partners


Why this makes sense: Since NYRA announced across-the-board purse increases in 2011, average sale prices of New York-bred weanlings and yearlings has been nothing short of spectacular.

Additionally, breeder Awards in New York are at historical highs. Starting in 2012, the Breeder Awards for New York-sired New York-breds increased to 30% for first-place finishes and 15% for second and third place finishes with a $40,000 cap per award. Breeder Awards for non-New York-sired New York-breds increased to 15% for first-place finishes and 7.5% for second and third place finishes with a $20,000 cap per award. As an example, a New York breeder whose mare foaled an offspring sired by a New York-based stallion that wins a Maiden Special Weight sprint will receive a Breeder Award of $9,360.

Breeding Thoroughbreds, if done correctly, can be profitable and also fun. Unlike claiming partnerships which can provide immediate action, breeding partnerships require much more patience as they require a long-term outlook. Broodmares give birth to foals annually. With commercial breeding operations well-bred good looking foals can bring good prices if sold at auction or privately. Foals can be sold as weanlings, yearlings, or 2-year-olds. Once the foal is sold the breeder has no further carrying costs however can continue to collect breeder awards throughout the horse’s entire racing career.

How it works: Hibiscus Stables assembles the breeding partnership. When the partnership fills we will purchase the broodmare. The mare will foal in the spring of the following year and be bred back to another stallion each spring thereafter. Careful selection of stallions will be made with an eye towards superior matings and commercial appeal. Each offspring will be sold either privately or at auction with a goal of positive ROI.